Due to COVID 19, municipal court operations have moved online.  Please see your online options below.

The South Fulton Municipal Court is here to assist you. Most of your questions and needs can be addressed from this website.  Please take a look around.  If you want live assistance please contact us at the telephone number below.

common questions

Get to the virtual court website using this option.

Pay your citation online.

If you pay you do not need to appear in court.

Check your court date and fine amount using this option.

If you missed your court date you can request a new date with this option. Resets will only be given for passed dates.

Additional assistance OPTIONS

1. Is South Fulton holding court in person? Not yet.  In person court is expected to resume Fall 2021.  However, we are operating virtually.  Please use the options on this website for assistance.
2. I missed my court date or court was closed due to COVID on my court date (May 2020 - August 2020). What should I do?  Your have two options:
       - Pay your citation online at, or
       - Contact request a new court date here.
3. I've had a hard time reaching the Municipal Clerk of Court what should I do?  We apologize for any inconvenience our COVID closures may have caused.  We are back fully operational as of May 1, 2021. Please try to contact us again. Using the options on this website will help to expedite your needs.
4. Who supervises the Municipal Court?  The Interim Court Administrator, LaDawn Blackett Jones began May 1, 2021.  If you have used the appropriate options on this website and still have not received the service you need within 7 business days  please reach her directly at  If your initial contact was prior to May 1, 2021 please make a new request using this website or by calling the Clerk's office a 470-809-7400.
5. Where is South Fulton Municipal Court located? Due to COVID South Fulton Municipal Court is where ever you can connect to the internet!  Court is held virtually from any internet enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet.  For more info on virtual court click here.  Most of your questions and concerns can be handled from this website please use the options located here to expedite your service.  If you need a live person you can call 470-809-7400 Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm.   
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If you were a victim of an auto accident or criminal matter appearing before the City of South Fulton Municipal Court, click here to contact the City Solicitor.  We do not provide police reports for victims.  You can obtain your police report for your case by contacting the South Fulton Police Department here.

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Contact Court Administrator LaDawn "LBJ" Jones


Direct: 470-809-7400

Mailing Address:

City of South Fulton Municipal Court

5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd.,

South Fulton, GA 30336

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