Attorney E-filing for Municipal Court

This form is for attorneys representing cases in the Municipal Court of South Fulton.  Please use this form to upload your documents.  You will receive a confirmation via email for your records. If you have trouble filing you may email your documents and case information to or mail it to: 
City of South Fulton
c/o Municipal Court
5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd.,
South Fulton, GA 30336
Note: Some internet browsers have difficulty viewing the form, try another internet browser.  Some files that are too large will not be accepted.  Please upload only PDF versions of your document.

Attorneys please note, we try to publish the calendar up to 14 days prior to the court date when possible.  Therefore if you submit this form immediately before the court date your entry may not make the calendar.  Please announce to the clerk during your hearing that you efiled after the calendar was published and we will be happy to add you to ensure you get proper notice.